Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck over 55s dating

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Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck

NOTE: ALL 4-1/2 AND 4-3/4 INCH BOLT CIRCLE REAR DISC KITS ARE AVAILIBLE WITH 13 INCH ROTORS - ADD 0.00.NOTE: Minor axle flange machining is required for rotor installation on some Ford and GM installations.Chrysler product rear axles require one piece "GREEN" axle bearings.Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Rear End Components for your 1964 Chevrolet Truck.Anyone know what axle would be the closest and have the right lug pattern?I'm sure its been done before so any tips would be great!!! I used a '65 Chev half ton rear end in my 46, later 60s truck rear ends are wider.on EC-843), caliper brackets and mounting hardware.Axle bearing removal is NOT required for installation.

Kits are supplied complete with rebuilt rear caliper assemblies with pads, new 11 inch diameter rotors (11-3/4 in.Bob's Classic Chevy has the original-style single master cylinder for 1955-57 Chevrolet models, as well as a dual-chamber master cylinder for all 1949-57 Chevy cars that have been ugraded to manual or power front disc/rear drum or four-wheel disc brakes. I have a 36 1/2 ton and I am getting thet parts together to upgrade the drive train to a 54 235 with a mechanical speedo t5. I want to keep my stock wheels so I need a 6 lug rear end that is as close to the original width as possible.How long has the master cylinder been in your classic Chevy?If you're not sure, it's time to install a new one.

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