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Updating ruby windows

Just like you might create a standard Rails project using rails new, you can create a standard gem project with bundle gem.

Developing Zendesk apps without some local testing tools is possible but not easy.

To test your app locally, ZAT runs a local http server and loads the app in the Zendesk Support https page. Chrome and Firefox block mixed content but provide a way to turn off the blocking. To test your app locally When you're finished developing your app, you should run validation tests to catch any problems before uploading it to Zendesk Support.

Starting with version 9, Safari also blocks mixed content but doesn't provide a way to turn off blocking. The ZAT validation tool runs the same tests that are run when an app is uploaded to the Zendesk App Market.

If your Ruby application won't start because of a missing gem, then you must install it locally using Bundler.

Bundler provides a consistent environment for Ruby projects by tracking and installing the exact gems and versions that you need.

ZAT is a Ruby gem -- a self-contained package of Ruby code that extends Ruby.

You don't have to package and upload the app to Zendesk Support first.

This feature is supported in Chrome and Firefox, but not Safari 9 or later.

If you decide to use Ruby 2.3 for Windows, make sure to install the Ruby Development Kit (Dev Kit) after installing Ruby. You can start a local HTTP server and run your app locally.

This ability is essential for testing and debugging your app.

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If no gems are named all gems in GEM_HOME are cleaned.