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One factor contributing to the misunderstanding on this was an item appearing on page six of the addendum to the 1975-76 catalog.

On April 8, 1970, the Senate adopted a resolution which empowered the Senate Curricular Policy Committee to act for the Senate in judging HU-SS approved courses.

When completed, this study will suggest the presence or absence of the need for a policy on free electives. This was determined at the Academic Council meeting on February 24, 1976. Stebbins and presented him with a copy of Senate Policy 9-69, Humanistic Social Courses, which was passed by the Senate on April 16, 1969, and approved by President Smith on April 21, 1971. Stebbins agreed that Senate Policy 9-69, in fact, is still the University policy on the HU-SS list of approved electives. On February 26, the Committee chairman met with Dr. It was never placed before the Senate as a proposal, and hence it cannot be formally construed to be Senate policy. The new policy which was sent in memorandum form to academic Deans and Department Heads states that it is in agreement with the Senate Curricular Impact Committee report of November 6, 1974. The key issue is that the Senate Curricular Impact Report which appears on pages 974-977 of the Senate minutes was accepted by the Senate on November 6, 1974, simply as a report.

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Nelson replied, that, in essence, the Curricular Policy Committee is the agent of the Senate to act on HU-SS matters and that it is the task of the Committee to somehow reach an agreement between the involved parties.