Updating sql database from a listbox funny dating advice quotes

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Updating sql database from a listbox

I have a web page with a gridview & formview (master/detail relationship) combo. Sql Command() Dim txtbox As String = Nothing Dim project = gv Projects. Split(","c) Dim Items List As New List(Of String)(items) listbox1. Multiple For Each i As String In Items List Dim li As List Item = listbox1. On page load the gridview shows all records from a SQL table. It would be cool if I could make an nice sentence So the user could read something nice in the listbox then just the database items. So I did this : New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT *, convert(varchar,convert(date, Start Datum),103) ' - ' convert(varchar,convert(date, Eind Datum),103) ': room ' convert(varchar, Kamer Nummer) AS combinatie FROM Verhuringen Table", Connection String) But now when i Add an new room. with other words..dataset is not updating or my listbox cant handle this query I know it HAS to do with this sql statement cause my listbox updates fine when i Just select The ID. When a user clicks this link it hides the gridview and shows the formview in edit mode with the detail from the record selected from the gridview. In my formview I am using a listbox control to allow users to select multiple values. On my page I have a button that when clicked shows the formview in Insert mode to allow users to add a new record to the data. I have also added a column to my gridview that has a link. Connection Strings("Marketing_Resumes Connection String").

Currently, the code does not return an error however when I put a breakpoint on the code where it pulls the selected values I still see the original selected values (the ones that are pulled from the database field) instead of newly selected values. Just to get to grips with it, I made the following demo, which seems to work fine.Protected Sub fv Projects_Data Bound(By Val sender As System. Find Control("tbox_CType") Dim str Items As String = txtbox Dim items As String() = str Items. Selected = True End If Next End If End Sub Protected Sub fv Projects_Item Updating(By Val sender As System. ok so I got a listbox which I made the displaymember equal to "ID" I fill my dataset and if I make a change to my dataset the listbox will change also. I'm filling my dataset with this kind of data Adapter : Kamers Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT ID FROM rooms Table", Connection String) So far so good.

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Also when the user adds data to the database I would like the listbox to update.