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I am going through a book and learning and for some reason when I put in the last subroutine to insert the record the validation checks on the controls on the form no longer work.

On OS X, if I run Safari after Sea Monkey, all my Sea Monkey bookmarks disappear!

Links and bookmarks provide a quick and usable way to navigate within and between PDF documents.

When they are broken for some reason, this disrupts the reading experience, and can make it impossible to navigate through important content.

My earlier versions of Sea Monkey had a feature I could set to check a bookmark periodically to see if it remained valid. I had a separate program that did the same thing, but it no longer works properly with the latest Sea Monkey. They are your best friends." --Joe Brainard /\___/\ Ant @ (Personal Web Site) / /\ /\ \ Ant's Quality Foraged Links: |o o| | \ _ / If crediting, then use Ant nickname and AQFL URL/link. Should I be doing an import with Seamonkey directly from the thumb drive?

(AM Deadlink is the program; it will still check the bookmarks, but will no longer correct them). I have about 2000 and doing it by hand is a lot of work. For me, I use Xenu in Windows since it handles .htm(l) files: ( ) If e-mailing, then axe ANT from its address if needed. I can't even find the proper place for Owner file, and security says I can't get into Application data file, even though I am the Administrator and the sole user of the PC. Bookmarks drop down does not support creating a new Bookmark folder Name: Jim bates Email: jbates21atgmaildotcom Product: Gran Paradiso Summary: Bookmarks drop down does not support creating a new Bookmark folder Comments: I am used to setting up folders to group like topic bookmarks.

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