When do dj and steve start dating daniel randolph and blake lively dating

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One objection I can foresee is, if Cousin Steve and Boyfriend Steve are Alex and Nicky, why then do they not look alike?

This objection is, strangely, eliminated by a heretofore unmentioned cast member: Michelle.

It is also revealed later in the series that Jesse was born "Hermes Katsopolis."It is also known that, early in the series, Jesse had graduated high school (revealed in the high school reunion episode) but then later in the series, Jesse had not graduated high school (and he began taking night classes and studying with Boyfriend Steve).

(Uncle Jesse is father to twins Nicky and Alex, neither of whom is named Steve.)Cousin Steve lives far away in Baltimore. He appears in the first season (which takes place shortly after DJ's mother died) but hasn't seen DJ in a few years, meaning he did not come to the funeral, even though he has a special bond with DJ.Cousin Stavros looks identical to Jesse, even though they are only cousins. The Urkel Connection Steve Urkel's presence on Full House means that the two shows occur in the same universe.The immediate implication is that all of Urkel's ridiculous sci-fi inventions exist in Full House's world. The alleged inconsistencies, therefore, are likely due to someone meddling with alternate timelines.His father is absent because his father is future-Jesse (Stavros? I think evidence points to Alex being Cousin Steve, drawing primarily on the episode "Yours, Mine and Ours" wherein Alex is sick and Jesse and Becky imagine the effects of their different parenting styles on the twins.If I recall correctly, Alex is influenced by Becky, and Nicky is influenced by Jesse.

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