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As a result, it is commonplace to find actors from Australia, Singapore, China or South Africa in Hollywood – some find success and some do not.

One foreign actress who has found success in the American entertainment industry is Anna Torv.

Wendy Carr, a behavioral expert who eventually joins the operation.

Talking about her personal life, love affairs, and relationships, Anna Torv was a married woman.star Leonard Nimoy appeared as Walter's former lab partner Dr William Bell in Fringe, marking one of his final-ever roles.Nimoy sadly passed away in 2015 at the age of 83 after a year-long battle with lung disease.She committed herself to the pursuit of acting as a profession after graduating high school at Benowa State High School in 1996.She is among many Australian greats to have attended the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia.

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Anna Torv is an Australian-based actress best regarded for playing girlfriends and professional women with a slightly distinguished edge.