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Who is patrick kane dating

Common fic tropes include one of them stealth-dating the other, Kaner being short, Tazer going fishing (sometimes with Mike Richards), Kane worrying or freaking out about articles on Deadspin, drunken bro-hookups turning into more, the fallout from Kane's drunken Cinco de Mayo antics, Kane being jealous of Toews' college buddy T. Oshie, and Kane trying to pick up girls and failing miserably.

As they grew up together and their personalities matured, both of them have become perceived as veteran figures with the Blackhawks, the portrayal of their relationship have evolved as well.

Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews is the biggest pairing in Hockey RPF. Does he happen to have a somewhat attractive, bossy captain/teammate/roommate/BFF/bromeo in his life?Both players were rookies for the Chicago Blackhawks and has since won three Stanley Cups for the team, effectively resurrecting the franchise from its dark era. Do they perhaps have popsicle eating contests, weep over movies, fail miserably at fighting, buy matching furniture, read Twilight, and get called married by their mothers? " They started out their professional careers as rookies with the Chicago Blackhawks (for which they both still play), and were linked extensively in the media from the very start.Both Kane and Toews are among the best 100 players to ever play in the history of the league. Fannish folks seized upon how Toews' mother described them as "the odd couple"I understand if you can't watch more than a second of it, because it's so creepy and awkward. In case you had to stop it, let me tell you that it involves a) Tazer asking Kaner for help with pickup lines b) Kaner showing girls video of Tazer in an attempt to seduce them c) Kaner and Tazer engaging in unnecessarily complicated wingman antics and d) THE STRONG IMPLICATION THAT THEY ARE GOING TO FILM THEMSELVES HAVING SEX WITH GIRLS AND THEN WATCH IT TOGETHER IN THE LOCKER ROOM.It's always cool to go to different places and see what's really out there in the world. Toews: Who drank more beer or champagne out of the Cup in 20 combined -- me or you? Toews: I just went fishing, boating, hung out at my cabin at the lake. Kane: Are you trying to make me look worse or better here? Kane: Well, as the captain, you had two days with the Cup. My buddies saw pictures of your jet skis and boats, and now they're always asking if mine are as sweet as yours. There are some guys you definitely would not want dating your sister -- especially hockey players.

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Patrick Kane: Jonny, the last time we played against each other, in the 2010 Olympics, we got into it. Kane: That gold-medal game in Vancouver, even though we were pissed we lost and got silver, was awesome for hockey. We snuck through the back of the bar and went downstairs to the basement. Five minutes after you lay down, you're passed out and snoring.

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