Who is tila nguyen dating ashley cole who is he dating

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Who is tila nguyen dating

Tila later ran away from home to Queens, New York City, and remained there for several months.She revealed that it was her violent adolescence years in Texas that led her into modeling and it was also her reason for moving to California in 2001.Below are all you need to know about the internet sensation, her bio, and five other facts.Tila’s full name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen and she was born in Singapore on the 24th of October 1981.Tila Tequila had always had an interest in rock music, out in California, she decided to give it a trial, after all, it is popularly said that there is no harm in trying.

The structure of My Space also helped her gain fame and more fans as well.Due to her allergy to alcohol, her friends nicknamed her “Tila Tequila”.She attended Alief Hastings High School where she graduated from in 2000.During the early days of the site, Tila Tequila often automatically appeared in random people’s “Top Friends” as one of the site’s most popular and oldest members.By 2016, she was the most viewed profile on My Space.

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She later got engaged to heiress Casey Johnson, who died barely a month after their engagement of Diabetes after forgetting to take her drugs.