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Some PCs on the other hand appear to register their own 'A' records directly with the DNS server.

This results in an 'A' record owned by either 'system' or the PC's AD computer account.

Each DHCP server has the 'DNS dynamic updates registration credentials' setting populated with a user account which is a member of the 'Dns Update Proxy' group, and (although I've seen arguments for and against) I've added the servers themselves to the 'Dns Update Proxy' group.

The DHCP servers are configured with the following settings ticked: 'Enable DNS dynamic updates according to the settings below' 'Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records' 'Discard A and PTR records when a lease is deleted' Some PCs seem to work fine.

This did not seem to have any effect on the records. I got an IP address for the DHCP server and saw the hostname. Next I changed the IP address from dhcp to a static one and specified the proper DNS servers.

It has been about 45 minutes and DNS still shows the old ip address in the forward lookup zone.

Set the dynamic update policy to disabled, wait for the GPO to be applied, and the behaviour should stop.

The only way I can think around this, is to give full control of the zone to the account used by the DHCP server to dynamically update the DHCP server.When the client renews, the previous DNS record is re-animated.If you find a problem record, you may want to determine if the symptom occurs when the DNS record object is removed using ADSIEDIT (and replicated if you have multiple DC's/DNS Servers), and the client renews and creates a new record, instead of re-animating the existing record.So it looks like it will add new records but not update existing ones. I started wondering if this had something to do with installing the Pertino client on my DCs last Friday but am not sure.

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We have 2 DNS servers and randomly when we move a machine to a different VLAN, the DNS entry never registers the new IP.

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