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Yodating com

You should do this as soon as possible after step 1. Top ↑ If you have caching enabled, clear the cache at this point so the changes will go live immediately.Otherwise, visitors to your site (including you) will continue to see the old version (until the cache updates). This is where your themes and plugins live, so you will want to keep them.If you have customized the default or classic themes without renaming them, make sure not to overwrite those files, otherwise you will lose your changes.To illustrate, we can take the following situation on a fictional server: is actually installed, but is currently not being used.This example makes it clear that an update does not simply mean the installation of a new Checkmk RPM/DEB-packet on a server. Let us take the following situation as an example: .

If you run into a request for FTP credentials with trying to update WP on a IIS server automatically, it may well be a matter of rights.If you use one of the affected plug-ins, a new service discovery will be required on the affected host.An overview of all changes in Checkmk, including a search function can be found online: here.Here changes that had possibly been made to these files by the user will not simply be discarded, rather they will be merged.This functions very much like version control systems which attempt to amalgamate changes made to a single file simultaneously by multiple developers.

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The first step is to download and install the appropriate RPM/DEB-Packet.

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